Unable to View Course Materials?

Explore common reasons you might not be able to access your course materials and learn what to do.

Late Registrants

Once registered for a course, it can take 1-2 business days for you to gain access to all course materials because various systems on campus have to sync up and some systems only sync once per day. If you registered after the beginning of an academic term and do not have access to recorded lectures or other course materials after 2 days, please send an email to techsupport_eol@help.ncsu.edu.

Lecture or Lecture Notes Not Posted

Lectures are generally published within 20 minutes of the conclusion of the class recording. If a lecture is not published when expected, consult the Course Schedule Exceptions sheet to find out why. University holidays, class cancellations, exam periods (not recorded) and make-up recording dates are recorded in this form. Technical issues may occasionally delay the posting of a lecture, which would be noted on the course schedule exceptions sheet.

If there is a technical problem with a recorded lecture, report it to techsupport_eol@help.ncsu.edu.

Lecture notes created during a class session are posted within 1 business day of the conclusion of the class recording unless the instructor has opted not to make separate lecture note files available to students. If expected lecture notes are not posted after 1 business day, please send an email to techsupport_eol@help.ncsu.edu.

Scheduled Maintenance

Some course materials may be unavailable during scheduled maintenance.

Unscheduled Downtime

Occasionally, some of the systems that deliver course materials may go down unexpectedly. If you are unable to access course materials and there is no scheduled maintenance, there may be a problem with one or more systems. The best source for information about service outages and other news about information technology systems at NC State is SysNews. If you do not find information on the outage at SysNews, please send an email to techsupport_eol@help.ncsu.edu.