Student Status Change

Many of our policies and procedures are unique to the Engineering Online department. As an online engineering or computer science student, you should familiarize yourself with the policies below.

Schedule Revision (Drop/Add)

Students requesting a change in their class schedule should contact Dr. Linda Krute at 919-515-5440. Courses may be added during the first two weeks of the semester with the permission of both the instructor and the Director of the Engineering Online program.

Drop Procedure

Students hoping to drop a course must be aware of the schedule revision deadlines listed in Engineering Online’s academic calendar and plan accordingly.

If you are attempting to drop one course from your schedule, but remain enrolled in other courses:

For the Fall 2020 Semester

Students wishing to drop a Fall Semester course prior to the last day to drop courses, Friday, October 2, may do so by logging into MyPack (, Student Homepage, Planning and Enrollment, Enrollment Wizard, click the “select” box next to the course you want to drop, click “Drop Selected Class,” and confirm your selection by clicking “finish dropping.” All schedule revisions made after this date will require a Schedule Revision form for processing and must be approved.  While the University is operating under the COVID-19 adjustments, you do NOT need a paper Schedule Revision form to drop a class after the drop deadline; you may request the drop by logging into MyPack (, Student Homepage, Planning and Enrollment, COVID-19 Schedule Revision (left side menu), in the ‘Request Drop’ column for the selected class(es), toggle the button to select ‘Yes.’, enter your justification for the request (REQUIRED), and select the “Submit” button above your course list to complete the drop. The late drop deadline has not yet been published.

Student working in Hunt Library on NC State's Centennial Campus.

Drop Procedure

Once you have completed this first step, please send an email to our Registration Coordinator, Sarah Boswell, so we may update our records.

Email our Registration Coordinator

Withdrawal Procedure

Students hoping to drop all the courses for which they are enrolled must officially withdraw from the University for the applicable term, unless they cancel their registration prior to the first day of classes. The withdrawal request must be submitted by the dates indicated in Engineering Online’s academic calendar, except in cases of documented hardship.

Note: Degree-seeking students who withdraw may be in violation of the University’s continuous enrollment policy for graduate students and can jeopardize their graduate student status.  Contact the Director of Graduate Programs for your department to request an official leave of absence if you are not able to participate in the current semester.

Students dropping all courses must follow the procedures for withdrawal, which differ for degree seeking students and non-degree seeking students.