Computer Programming Certificate Admissions

Enrollment in Engineering Online’s Computer Programming Certificate (CPC) is a multi-step process.  While the CPC is comprised of undergraduate-level courses, students must hold a bachelor’s degree in any field prior to enrolling in the certificate program.  For this reason, CPC students are classified as non-degree (NDS) students and follow an admission process similar to other NDS or non-degree students.

Engineering Online Registration Form

Once you have reviewed our course offerings and selected your desired course(s), complete the Engineering Online registration form.  Submitting this form notifies our office of your desire to be an Engineering Online student, and helps us guide you through the next steps in the process.

Engineering Online Review

Engineering Online staff will review your registration form prior to enrolling you in the requested course(s).  To be a successful CPC student, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in any field, and meet the prerequisite for each course you wish to take.  An official transcript may be required if you have already taken a calculus course at another institution.  Our staff will contact you if more information is needed to verify your academic credentials prior to enrollment.

University Non-Degree Studies Application Form

Once you have submitted the registration form, and the Engineering Online office has approved your request to enroll in Engineering Online courses, you will be instructed to complete the Non-Degree Studies Application Form. Within this form, indicate that you have been accepted to a distance education (DE) program or certificate so that you will not have to pay the application fee charged to other non-degree applicants.  Submitting this form notifies central campus offices that you intend to be an NC State University student.  Among other things, this generates a campus ID number for you, as well as the Unity ID that allows your access to crucial campus systems.

International Applicants

With an international student population numbering in the thousands, NC State University’s College of Engineering is committed to international diversity and the global exchange of ideas.  To support this mission, Engineering Online strongly encourages qualified foreign nationals to participate in the Computer Programming Certificate program, beginning with CSC 116.

Prospective foreign national non-degree students must receive clearance from the Office of International Scholar and Student Services (OISSS) each term before enrolling in classes.  Instructions for doing this will be provided through e-mail once Engineering Online staff have reviewed your submitted registration form.

Admission Decisions

Engineering Online staff will update you via e-mail throughout the NDS admission process.  You will be notified of any steps that need to be completed, and receive a confirmation e-mail once your admission as a non-degree student is finalized and you are successfully enrolled in your requested course(s).