Homework Services

Engineering Online provides an optional homework administration service for instructors that teach online engineering courses. You may choose to take advantage of this service, or you and your teaching staff can have students submit their assignments directly to you or via Moodle. If you choose to use this service, Engineering Online will instruct the students to submit their homework assignments to the Engineering Online homework email account at homework_eol@ncsu.edu.

Students will submit their assignments with a cover sheet provided by Engineering Online that will identify that it is for your course. Engineering Online will collect these assignments and then distribute them to you or your TA either in paper form or electronically as an email attachment. Once the assignments have been graded, they can be returned to the Engineering Online office where they will be emailed back to the individual students that submitted them.

Near the beginning of the semester, you will receive an email from Phillip Henry, the homework coordinator for Engineering Online, with a link to a homework submission survey for that semester.

If you have any questions regarding the homework administration service, please contact Phillip Henry at phenry@ncsu.edu.