Options for Recording Lectures for Engineering Online Courses

Engineering Online staff are ready to assist faculty with options for recording your online course for individuals who cannot attend the synchronous class sessions. We would like to maintain the same look and feel that students have come to appreciate about our distance programs as they view the lectures and interact with faculty and classmates. There will be different modes of lecture delivery, and our staff need your help in ensuring that all of the lectures are in a common space. Below is information on options for modes of delivery and the required steps to accomplish these goals as well as some suggestions for how you can interact with your on-campus class and online students.

Please note that with the large volume of synchronous and asynchronous classes offered by Engineering Online each semester, it is best that you contact us as soon as you can. Requests and assistance will be processed as quickly as possible.

Utilize Previously-Recorded Lectures

Request that previously-recorded lectures be used to replace live lectures you were planning to deliver this semester. 

  • If you have taught the class for EOL before, we can post (a) lecture(s) from a previous semester to replace live class sessions.
  • Review the lectures you’ve recorded for EOL in the past to identify which previously-recorded lectures would be suitable as replacements. You can review the lectures for the previously-recorded courses you’ve taught for EOL HERE.
  • Once you know which lecture(s) you want to be posted, please complete this FORM. You will receive an email when the request has been filled.
  • If Engineering Online is offering your course this semester using previously-recorded lectures and you also have (an) on-campus section(s) of that course, you can request that access be set for your on-campus students. Send an email to techsupport_eol@help.ncsu.edu to make that request.

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Record New Lectures in a Mini-Studio

Schedule (a) recording(s) in advance in one of our mini-studios

  • EOL has three mini-studios that can be used by faculty to record class lectures or other informational recordings for your students
  • There are 2 mini-studios on Centennial Campus:
    • Contact Charles Dawson at cndawson@ncsu.edu to schedule time to use one of those mini-studios
  • There is another mini-studio in Page Hall on Main Campus:
  • You may also be able to schedule time in your regular studio classroom to pre-record your course lectures over the summer or during the fall semester
    • Send an email to ldkrute@ncsu.edu to inquire about scheduling time in a studio classroom

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Record New Lectures Remotely

New Lectures Can Be Recorded Remotely From Your Office or Home Using Zoom or My Mediasite

If this is the first semester you are teaching a class in our distance education program and you don’t have pre-recorded lectures, you can deliver the class synchronously using Zoom or asynchronously using My Mediasite. Lectures can be recorded and access will be set for your distance and on-campus students. Please note that for Engineering Online synchronous courses, including undergraduate, site-based courses, Zoom recordings are the best option. My Mediasite is an option for asynchronous lectures. 


The Zoom web conferencing platform is well suited for synchronous (real-time) online lectures/meetings involving groups of up to 300 participants and includes video, audio, screen sharing, text chat, and many other features. Instructors can use Zoom to deliver online lectures to an entire class or to hold virtual office hours with a single student or a small group.

Engineering Online faculty have the option to hold their classes synchronously with Zoom. However, ALL lectures MUST be recorded for students that are unable to attend live. ALL recorded lectures must be posted in Mediasite, the single access point and repository for EOL course lectures. You may also post links to individual Zoom recordings on your course Moodle page if you wish.

If you are using Zoom in a studio classroom for a hybrid class:

  • Your recurring Zoom meeting will be set up for your course. The link, Meeting ID and Passcode will be sent to you to distribute to your students. The most secure option is to post this information on your course Moodle page rather than sending it to your students via email
  • Your technician will record your lecture in Mediasite

If you are using Zoom remotely:

  • You will create a recurring Zoom meeting for your course (see steps below)
  • Your recorded Zoom lectures must be copied to a shared Google drive space so that EOL staff can access and upload the files to Mediasite (see steps below).
  • USB microphones and webcams are available to borrow from Engineering Online to ensure good audio and video quality for recordings. Send an email to techsupport_eol@help.ncsu.edu to request to borrow equipment

Steps for Zoom Recordings for Engineering Online Courses:

  • Create a recurring Zoom meeting to use for your course throughout the semester following the steps outlined HERE
    • Start at https://ncsu.zoom.us. Authenticate with UnityID and password
    • Be sure to select ‘Record the Meeting Automatically’ and ‘On the Local Computer’ under Meeting Options
  • When you end the meeting and stop the recording, click ‘Recordings’ and ‘Local Recordings’ 
  • Use the file location information to navigate to the Zoom folder on your machine and open the folder for the recording
  • Rename the ‘zoom_0’ .mp4 file to your course name and lecture number, ex. CE523_Lec001
  • Go to: https://go.ncsu.edu/eol-spring_2021-lectures and navigate to the course folder for your class
  • Drag the newly renamed .mp4 file into the Google Drive course folder for your class 
  • If you’ve recorded a lecture outside of your scheduled class meeting time, send an email to techsupport_eol@help.ncsu.edu with the following information
    • The title of the file/presentation and lecture number if you know it
    • When the presentation should be viewable to students in the EOL lecture catalog
  • EOL staff will upload the file to your EOL Mediasite course folder with access set for your distance section(s) and on-campus section(s), if applicable. 
  • To make the recording available to your students right away, post a link to the recording on your course Moodle site:
    • Right-click on the file you put in the Google Shared Drive course folder
    • Click ‘Get shareable link’
    • Click ‘Copy link’
    • Click to change access to the file from ‘Restricted’ to ‘North Carolina State University
    • Click ‘Done’
    • Add the copied URL to your course Moodle page
More information on Zoom:
  • Get help using Zoom by sending an email to learntech@ncsu.edu or call LearnTech at 919-513-7094

My Mediasite

My Mediasite is a tool instructors can use to record presentations from a personal computer capturing video, audio and computer images. My Mediasite has they advantage that the format, look and feel are the same as lectures recorded in a studio classroom. There is no live interactivity with My Mediasite.

  • Get Started with My Mediasite using the guidelines from DELTA’s LearnTech Help Desk
    • Includes video tutorials
  • USB microphones are available to borrow from Engineering Online to ensure good audio quality for recordings, which is key to a high-quality lecture recording
  • If you use a Mac running Catalina (Mac OS version 10.15), install the beta  64 bit Mac version of the Mediasite Desktop Recorder
  • Before recording a lecture, please create a Channel in your My Mediasite space for the course. In your My Mediasite space:
    • Click ‘Channels’ on the left side of the screen
    • Click ‘+Add Channel’ at the top right
    • Fill in at least the Channel Name with the course name (ex. CE 571)
    • Click ‘Create Channel’ at the top right
    • Please select that Engineering Online lecture recordings be uploaded to the channel you’ve created for that course (so EOL staff can find the recording)
  • Using the guidelines from the link above, create your recording
    • Name the presentation with the course name and lecture number, if you know it
    • Select the channel you created for the course as the destination for the uploaded file
    • You must select the ‘Screencast + Video’ type of recording for ALL Engineering Online lecture recordings
  • Once you’ve completed (a) lecture recording(s) for an Engineering Online class, send an email to techsupport_eol@help.ncsu.edu with the following information
    • The title of the file/presentation and lecture number if you know it
    • The name of the channel where the presentation is saved
    • When the presentation should be viewable to students in the EOL lecture catalog
  • Engineering Online staff will copy the presentation(s) to the EOL Mediasite course folder for your course so students can view all lectures for the course from the same lecture catalog link. You will receive an email when this is completed.
  • If recording lectures for a non-Engineering Online course, your content will stay in your My Mediasite space and you will set access for your students within My Mediasite (easiest to set access to ‘My Organization’). You can share those links with your on-campus students.
  • Get help using My Mediasite by sending an email to mediasite-help@ncsu.edu, by sending an email to learntech@ncsu.edu or call LearnTech at 919-513-7094

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