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Dr. Dmitriy Anistratov

Nuclear Engineering

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NE 723 Neutron Transport Theory

3 Credit Hours

Advanced theory of neutron transport and computational methods of solving particle transport (linear Boltzmann) equation for reactor physics problems. Principle topics: models of neutron transport; analytic methods for solving transport equation; asymptotic diffusion limit; PN and SPN methods, homogenization methodology; numerical methods for multidimensional problems; computational methods for multiphysics problems. Objective is to enable students to read literature and perform relevant analysis of neutron transport and reactor-physics problems.


NE 401 / NE 501 Reactor Analysis and Design or NE 520 Radiation and Reactor Fundamentals.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, the students will be able to:

  • formulate advanced mathematical and physical models of neutron transport in nuclear reactors;
  • identify domain of applicability of these models and their approximations;
  • formulate computational methods for solving neutron transport problems;
  • apply neutron transport models and numerical methods for nuclear reactor analysis;
  • read advanced literature and perform relevant analysis of neutron transport and reactor physics problems.

Course Requirements

  • Homeworks: 30%
  • Computational projects: 30%
  • Paper presentation: 10%
  • Final project: 30%

The instructor reserves an option to give class and final examinations.


Lecture notes

List of recommended books:

  • Nuclear Reactor Theory, G. Bell & S. Glasstone, Krieger, 1985.
  • Computational Methods of Neutron Transport, E.E. Lewis & W.F. Miller, Jr., ANS, 1993.