NE 693 Master’s Supervised Research (MNE Project)

3 Credit Hours

Individual investigation of a problem stemming from a mutual student-faculty interest. This course is required for all MNE students and is worth three credit hours.


Students can enroll in NE693 only after taking a majority of NE graduate level courses. Must have consent of your project advisor before registering.

Course Requirements

  • The student must select a faculty member from the Department of Nuclear Engineering to serve as the project advisor and submit the faculty’s name to Dr. Murty before registering for the course. Dr. Murty should be contacted if any assistance is needed in identifying a project advisor.
  • The student must prepare a one-page summary of the project and a schedule of when each task is to be completed, and must send the summary to the project advisor with a copy to DGP during first week of classes in the semester they enroll in NE 693.
  • The student must communicate regularly via progress reports with the project advisor(s).
  • The student must complete and submit a final report on their project before the week of finals in the semester of their enrollment in NE 693.

Note: Most students select a project that will include some type of analysis or experiment (if facilities are available at the student’s workplace). Some also choose to do some type of extension study related to a topic of interest from a graduate course they have taken in the Engineering Online program. It is required that the project advisor approve of the selected project and supervise the work towards its completion.