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Dr. Robert Hayes

Nuclear Engineering

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NE 531 Nuclear Waste Management

3 Credit Hours

Scientific and engineering aspects of nuclear waste management. Management of spent fuel, high-level waste, uranium mill tailings, low-level waste and decommissioning wastes. Fundamental processes for the evaluation of waste management systems with emphasis on the safety assessment of waste disposal facilities to include nuclear criticality safety, free release and transportation.


MA 341 Applied Differential Equations I and PY 208 Physics for Scientists and Engineers II (or equivalent).

Course Objectives

Students will study nuclear waste safety criteria to operational drivers enabling them to understand the technical basis for current regulations and law as applicable. This will include the ability to create, evaluate and analyze solutions for the safe handling, transportation and permanent disposal of radioactive materials. This will require them to remember fundamentals from all aspects of radiation safety as they apply to controlling ionizing radiation.

Course Requirements

HOMEWORK: Nine assignments

EXAMINATIONS: 2 Midterms and 1 Final Exam

PROJECTS: Individual research paper

SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: Ability to remotely access NC State University computer


Radioactive Waste Engineering and Management (An Advanced Course in Nuclear Engineering) 2015th Edition – Shinya Nagasaki and Shinichi Nakayama
Edition: 2015th
ISBN: 978-4431554165

Nuclear Criticality Safety: Theory and Practice – Ronald A. Knief
Edition: any
ISBN: 978-0-89448-028-7.