Dr. Alexander Bataller

Dr. Alexander Bataller

Nuclear Engineering

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NE 520 Radiation and Reactor Fundamentals

3 Credit Hours

Basics of nuclear physics and reactor physics that are needed for graduate studies in nuclear engineering. Concepts covered include, atomic and nuclear models, nuclear reactions, nuclear fission, radioactive decay, neutron interactions, nuclear reactors, neutron diffusion in non-multiplying and multiplying systems, and basic nuclear reactor kinetics.


Applied Differential Equations I (NC State MA 341) AND

Physics for Engineers and Scientists II (NC State PY 208)

or equivalents

Course Objectives

It is the intention of this class to provide the student with a strong foundation in nuclear engineering principles. At the end of this course, the student will have the necessary background to pursue advanced, graduate level topics in nuclear science.

Course Requirements

HOMEWORK: Weekly Assignments (including a comprehensive research report totaling 30% of final grade)

EXAMINATIONS: Two midterms (40% of final grade) and one final exam (30% of final grade)


J. Kenneth. Shultis Richard E. Faw; Fundamentals of Nuclear Science and Engineering Third Edition; CRC Press; 2016; ISBN 9781498769297

Nuclides and Isotopes, Chart of the Nuclides; 17th Edition; Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory; ISBN-10: 0984365303, ISBN-13: 978-0984365302, Suggested Retail Price $30

Computer and Software Requirements

Please review minimum computer specifications recommended by NC State University and Engineering Online.


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