Dr Xu Wu

Dr. Xu Wu

Nuclear Engineering

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NE 505 Reactor Systems

3 Credit Hours

Nuclear power plant systems: PWR, BWR and advanced concepts. Design criteria, design parameters, economics, primary and secondary loops, safety systems, reactor control and protection systems, containment, accident and transient behaviors, core design, and reactivity control mechanisms. Credit for both NE 405 and NE 505 is not allowed.


Reactor Analysis and Design (NC State NE 401) AND

Reactor Engineering (NC State NE 402)

Course Objectives

  • General – Learn how to apply knowledge in engineering sciences to design and understanding of complex systems.
  • Focused – Gain an understanding of nuclear power plant engineering utilizing specific analytical skills acquired in other courses.

Course Requirements

HOMEWORK: Eight homework assignments.

EXAMINATIONS: Two hourly + final examinations.

PROJECTS: Two group computers projects and one individual project.

SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: PC, ability to download files from NC State University course locker and remotely run software from NCSU servers.


None – Class notes and booklets on PWR and BWR published by NSSS vendors will be used.

Computer and Software Requirements

Please review minimum computer specifications recommended by NC State University and Engineering Online.

Created: 09/19/2021