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Dr. Jag Kasichainula

Materials Science and Engineering

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MSE 545 Ceramic Processing

3 Credit Hours

Powder synthesis, characterization, colloidal processing, forming method, theory of sintering, aspects of microstructural control.


Introductory physics and chemistry and introductory calculus are desirable (MSE 370 Microstructure of Inorganic Materials).

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Classify types of raw materials used for ceramic raw materials
  • Identify characteristics of the ideal powder
  • Propose a method for making a ceramic products
  • Explain aspects of particle packing which lead to processing optimization
  • Select forming methods for a particular article
  • Optimize a firing method for a particular material
  • Explain the relationship between aspects of powder selection and processing to final microstructure and properties
  • Identify critical parameters for various forming methods.

Course Requirements

Homework assignments: Assignments with solutions are provided on course website. Help is provided by the instructor.

Class Room Tests ( 2 ): 67%
Final Examination: 33%

Software Requirements: Not required but will help in solving problems.


Principles of Ceramic Processing,. James S. Reed, Wiley Interscience, ISBN 0-471-59721-X