Dr. Kara Peters

Dr. Kara Peters

MAE 586 Coordinator

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Phone: 919-515-5226
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MAE 586 Project Work in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering

3 Credit Hours

Individual investigation of a problem stemming from a mutual student-faculty interest. Emphasis on providing a situation for exploiting student curiosity. This course is required for all students in the distance MSME or MSAE degree programs.


This course is meant to allow the student to use knowledge gained from lecture courses in the MSME or MSAE program, therefore at least 21 credits hours should be completed prior to taking MAE 586.

Course Requirements

  • Students will be matched with a MAE faculty mentor based on their technical interests.
  • Students will prepare a project proposal with their faculty mentor at the beginning of the MAE 586 course including milestones, deliverables and a timeline of the project.
  • The Final report for the independent project will be submitted to the faculty adviser before the week of finals.

Note: Most students select a project that will include some type of analysis or experiment (if facilities are available at the student’s workplace). Some students also choose to do some type of extension study related to a topic of interest from a graduate course they have taken in the Engineering Online Program.


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