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Dr. Jay F. Tu

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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MAE 513 Principles of Structural Vibrations

3 Credit Hours

Principles of structural vibration beginning from single and multi-degree of freedom systems and extending to distributed systems. Forced system response, vibration of strings, bars, shafts and beams and an introduction to finite element methods.


Undergraduate course in dynamics of machines (MAE 315), aerospace structures (MAE 472) or equivalent or consent of instructor.

Course Objectives

Provide introduction to the formulation of the vibration response of single- and multiple- degree of freedom systems, and continuous systems. Provide the student with capabilities to formulate vibration problems, solve for the response, and understand the physical parameters controlling the system. Applications of vibration principles are also emphasized.

Course Requirements


For on-campus students, homework assignments should be submitted in the beginning of the class on the scheduled due day, collected either by the instructor or the studio. For off-campus students, homework assignments can be submitted electronically to:

before 12:00 PM on the scheduled due day.

Make sure that the cover page contains the course number, instructor’s name, number of the assignment, the date the video is viewed, and the corresponding due date.

EXAMS: One midterm exam (25%), one term report (25%) and a Final Exam (30%.)

SOFTWARE: Access to standard engineering software (MATLAB, Excel, etc.)
MATLAB is accessible through the Virtual Computing Lab.



Theory of Vibrations with Applications, 5th Edition William T. Thomson and Marie D. Dahleh.

Lecture notes from Prof. Tu