Dr. Lucas Castle

Dr. Lucas Castle


Phone: 919-513-2112

MA 502 Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists II

3 Credit Hours

Determinants and matrices; line and surface integrals, integral theorems; complex integrals and residues; distribution functions of probability. Not for credit by mathematics majors.


A course in differential equations or consent of instructor.

Course Objectives

The student is expected to achieve proficiency in and understanding of vector differential and integral calculus, complex function theory, and linear algebra in preparation for applications in engineering and science.

In vector calculus, the student will learn vector fields, divergence, curl, Greens Theorem, Divergence Theorem, Stokes Theorem, and how to apply these topics.

In complex function theory, the student will learn complex numbers and their representations, analytic functions, complex integrals, Cauchy’s Theorem, Taylor Series, Laurent Series, residues, and complex integration techniques as needed for special functions, transforms, and further studies.

Course Requirements

A detailed schedule for assignments will be found in the syllabus.
Determination of grades: Your final grade in this course will be determined by grades earned:

Homeworks = 20%
Tests = 60%
Final Exam = 20%


Computer and Software Requirements

Please review minimum computer specifications recommended by NC State University and Engineering Online.

Software Requirements: None, but familiarity with Maple®, Mathematica®, and or MATLAB™ is recommended. Software can be accessed through the Virtual Computing Lab if you have a high speed Internet connection.


Updated 11/11/2020