Dr. Reha Uzsoy

Dr. Reha Uzsoy

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Phone: 919-513-1681
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ISE 677 Industrial Engineering Projects

1 - 6 Credit Hours

Investigation and written report on assigned problems germane to industrial engineering. Maximum of six credits to be earned for Master of Industrial Engineering degree.


Master of Industrial Engineering candidate. Enrollment for this course is through the Engineering Online registration system.

Course Requirements

Proposals for project work should be completed using the ISE Graduate Student Project/Study Contract. All work must be reviewed and approved by your degree advisor.

It is recommended that all project work should be documented in a formal report with properly listed references, abstract, etc. Such efforts should represent scholarly work above and beyond that done for other purposes, such as course term papers. You must register for ISE 677 in order to get course credit toward the degree for project work.