Dr. Reha Uzsoy

Dr. Reha Uzsoy

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Phone: 919-513-1681
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ISE 552 Design and Control of Production and Service Systems

3 Credit Hours

Basic terminology and techniques for the control of production and service systems including economic order quantity models; stochastic inventory models; material requirements planning; Theory of Constraints; single and mixed model assembly lines; and lean manufacturing. Emphasis on mathematical models of the interaction between limited capacity and stochastic variability through the use of queueing models to describe system behavior.


This course will assume a familiarity with basic concepts of probability and statistics at the level of ST370 (Probability and Statistics for Engineers) and ST371 (Introduction to Probability and Distribution Theory), as well as basic engineering mathematics.

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Computer and Software Requirements

Please review minimum computer specifications recommended by NC State University and Engineering Online.