Dr. Julie Ivy

Dr. Julie Ivy

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Phone: 919-513-1683
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ISE 520 Healthcare Systems Performance Improvement I

3 Credit Hours

Methods used to improve the performance of health care delivery systems with emphasis on patient care cost, access, and quality. Adaptation of lean and six-sigma to rapid and continuous health care systems improvement through organizational and process transformation. Fundamentals of scheduling, staffing, and productivity in health systems employing simulation and optimization. Health care policy and management.


Introduction to Statistical Inference and Regression (NC State ST 372), Fundamentals of Human-Machine Systems Design (NC State ISE 352), Deterministic Models in Industrial Engineering (NC State ISE 361), and Introduction to Simulation (NC State ISE 441)

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Computer and Software Requirements

Please review minimum computer specifications recommended by NC State University and Engineering Online.

Created 03/02/2021