Dr. Javad Taheri

Dr. Javad Taheri

Industrial and Systems Engineering

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ISE 501 Introduction to Operations Research

3 Credit Hours

(also offered as OR 501)

OR Approach: modeling, constraints, objective and criterion. Problems of multiple criteria, optimization, model validation and systems design. OR Methodology: mathematical programming; activity networks; dynamic programming; Markov processes; queuing theory. Examples: OR Applications: production planning and scheduling; service systems; health care delivery; Waiting line problems: single and multiple servers with Poisson input and output. Project management through PERT-CPM.


Undergraduate courses in linear algebra, statistics, and probability.

Course Objectives

To build a general understanding of the field of Operations Research (OR), become familiar with the mathematical methodologies identified with it, and the application areas where OR has demonstrated its utility. To set a foundation for future advanced graduate studies in Operations Research and industrial and business applications.

Course Requirements

HOMEWORK: 11 assignments

EXAMINATIONS: two Midterm and a Final Examination

SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: The CD that comes with the textbook includes most needed programs. Others can be downloaded free.

ENROLLMENT LIMIT: Limit of 10 students for online enrollment


Winston, Operations Research: Application and Algorithms, 4th edition, 2004, Thompson, ISBN 0-534-38058-1.


Revised: 10/17/2019