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Dr. Julie Ivy

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EM 675 Engineering Management Project

3 Credit Hours

Individual or team project work with faculty mentorship in engineering management resulting in written report and oral presentation. This is one of the approved courses to fulfill engineering management practicum requirements. Maximum of three (3) credits can be earned for MEM degree with the exception of Professional Practice concentration students who may earn six (6) credits. Practical experience in applying EM knowledge to real-world problems at an industrial site or at NC State. Completely reserved for students enrolled in the Masters of Engineering Management degree.


Completely reserved for students enrolled in the Masters of Engineering Management degree.

Course Objectives

  • Apply Engineering Management (EM) skills of leadership and organizational communication, financial competency, project management and coordination, and quantitative literacy to real world, practical EM challenges.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of key concepts for engineering leadership, organizational communication, and communication techniques for working with various stakeholders.
  • Understand and apply basic finance concepts to conduct analysis of alternatives for projects of various lengths and cash flows.
  • Apply conceptual, analytical, and practical tools to plan and manage a project with multiple stakeholders.
  • Identify quantitative tools and analytical methods available for solving various problems, and be able to match those tools with various business problems.
  • Effectively communicate quantitative information to technical and non-technical audiences in terms of process, results, and decision tradeoffs.


No required textbook.

Computer and Software Requirements

Please review minimum computer specifications recommended by NC State University and Engineering Online.

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