James Rispoli

Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

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EGR 590 607 Introduction to Facilities Engineering Systems

3 Credit Hours

(also offered as CE 590)

This course covers an introduction to the multi-disciplinary facilities engineering functions, such as would be found in a typical municipal public works department, university facilities engineering organizations, medical complexes, various government agencies at the state level, department of transportation and airport and port authorities, and facilities engineering at both the installation level and the headquarters and policy level of certain federal government agencies. Non-governmental organizations such as utilities providers, and operators of plants, both processing and manufacturing, typically engage in facilities engineering and management such as included in this course. Engineering practice in facilities engineering is by nature broad, requiring the engineers in those organizations to understand underlying principles of related engineering disciplines to address the cross-cutting issues in the practice. The range of topics covered in this course includes the planning cycle; buildings, infrastructure, and technology systems; emergency preparedness and disaster recovery planning; installed equipment; select electrical and mechanical systems; sanitation systems including sanitary waste water and industrial waste water; recycling programs; and environmental compliance. Additionally, topics such as sustainability and resilience in planning and design will be discussed from a technical perspective, and related business aspects such as decision making considering life-cycle costs, planning and budgeting are in the content of this course. Presentations and case studies are included, such that students will demonstrate their communication skills.

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