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EGR 590 612 Sustainable Lean Manufacturing

3 Credit Hours

Purpose of Course: The course will cover generic and specific lean manufacturing concepts and tools focused on sustainability. All these basic concepts will be employed to discuss industry strategy and global competitiveness. People responsible for continuously improving operational performance must develop systems that are fast, flexible, focused and friendly for their companies, customers and production associates. The course will provide the student with an introduction to lean manufacturing describing the background behind its development and how evaluations and assessments of production systems are performed. Lean manufacturing tools and techniques will be described and in some cases demonstrated in simulation exercises. Issues relating to employee involvement, improvement teams, training and culture will be presented. Planning for lean process implementation and the necessity of sustain improvements will be discussed. Finally, sustainability concept will be discussed and integrated with Lean Manufacturing. Conduct of Course: This class will be conducted on-line only. Grading will be based upon performance on a book report, homework, midterm, and a final exam. Students can add to their grade by completing a project as a part of the course.

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