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ECE 732 Dynamics and Control of Electric Machines

3 Credit Hours

Dynamic behavior of AC electric machines and drive systems; theory of field orientation and vector control for high performance induction and synchronous machines; permanent magnet and reluctance machines and their control; principles of voltage source and current source inverters, and voltage and current regulation methods.


ECE 453/554 Electric Motor Drives or equivalent, and knowledge of Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists.

Course Objectives

  • Manifest a working knowledge of the dynamic effects of control in AC electric machines
  • Model AC machines for analysis and design
  • Calculate the basic performance parameters of AC electric machines and drives, such as response time, parameter variation effects and efficiency
  • Design and analyze torque and speed controllers for AC electric machines
  • Design and analyze voltage and current controllers for AC electric drives
  • Assess the dynamic behavior of AC electric machines and drives
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the emerging AC machine control methods for applications, such as automotive, renewable energy systems, industrial, and consumer products
  • Perform basic assessment and design of an AC electric machine drive system for a given application
  • Determine the requirements of an electric machine and drive for a given application

Course Topics

  • Electric Machine Dynamics – Introduction
  • Reference Frame Transformations
  • Dq Complex Vector Theory
  • Induction Machine dq Modeling
  • Synchronous Machine dq Modeling
  • Synchronous Machine Vector Control – Steady State and Dynamics
  • Induction Machine Vector Control – Steady State and Dynamics
  • Voltage Source Inverters(VSI)
  • PWM Control of Inverters
  • Direct Torque Control for Induction Machines
  • Current Regulation
  • PM Machines Principles and Control
  • IPM Machine Controls
  • Switched Reluctance Machine Principles and Controls

Course Requirements

The course consists of two 75 minute lectures per week. The grade distribution for the course is given below.

Mid-Term Exams20%One mid-term examination will be administered. The mid-term and the final exams are equally weighted.
Homework10%Six to eight homeworks are assigned during the semester.
Simulation Projects50%Three computer simulation projects will be assigned. The students submit completed Matlab/Simulink programs and reports. The projects are worth 20%, 20% and 10% for the three assignments.
Final Exam20%A non-comprehensive final exam is administered at the end of the semester.


Vector Control and Dynamics of AC DrivesD.W. Novotny and T.A. Lipo, Oxford Science Publications, 1996.
Edition: 1st
ISBN: 0-19-856439-2
This textbook is required.

Analysis of Electric MachineryP.C. Krause, O. Wasynczuk and S. D. Sudhoff, IEEE Press, 1994
Edition: 1st
ISBN: 0-7803-1101-9
This textbook is optional.

Software Requirements

Computer simulations will be assigned during the course related to the topics covered in the course. Students are expected to have access to Matlab-Simulink software; Matlab-Simulink will be the primary platform for the simulations. The assignments will be collected and graded.