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Dr. Leonard White

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ECE 587 Power System Transients Analysis

3 Credit Hours

Review of solutions to first and second order differential equations for electric power circuit transients. Applications to fault current instantaneous, shunt capacitor transients, circuit switching transients and overvoltages, current interruption and transformer transient behavior. Computer solution techniques for transient analysis using PSCAD and Matlab/Simulink. Modeling of utility power electronics circuits including single and three-phase rectifiers and inverters. Applications of power electronics for transmission system control and renewable generation. Distributed line modeling for traveling wave analysis of surge events. Introduction to voltage insulation, surge arrestor operation and lightning stroke analysis.


Power System Analysis (NC State ECE 451) or equivalent.

Course Objectives

  • Define what differentiates power system transient analysis from power system steady-state analysis for transmission and distribution circuits.
  • Derive and solve the basic first and second order differential equations associated with common fault and switching events such as short circuits, capacitor switching, inductor switching, capacitor restrike, and transformer energization.
  • Perform transient analysis of common fault and switching events using an electromagnetic transients simulation program (PSCAD).
  • Derive operating voltages and currents associated with power electronic devices that interface with the electric grid such as rectifiers, inverters and motor drives.
  • Investigate harmonic content of waveforms generated by the introduction of solid state devices into the power system; develop relationships for powers as related to harmonic content.
  • Derive surge voltages and currents associated with lightning strikes and switching on transmission lines using traveling wave analysis.

Course Topics

  • Fault Transients, Capacitor Switching and Transient Recovery Voltage
  • Numerical Techniques for Transient Simulation
  • Current Chopping and Transformer Inrush
  • Line Modeling for Steady-State and Traveling Wave Events
  • Lightning Strike, Insulation and Surge Arrestor Analysis
  • Power Electronic Rectifier and Inverter Modeling
  • Distribution Energy Resource Interfacing and Modeling

Course Requirements

  • Weekly Homework Assignments, including Computer Transient Simulation
  • Midterm and Final Exams
  • Project based on PSCAD and/or Matlab/Simulink/Simscape Power Systems transient simulation


  • Allan Greenwood, Electrical Transients in Power Systems, John Wiley, 1991. (copied chapters in reserve)
  • Lou van der Sluis, Transients in Power Systems, Wiley, 2002. (eBook)
  • Arieh L. Shenkman, Transient Analysis of Electric Power Circuits Handbook, 2005. (eBook)

Computer and Software Requirements

Please review minimum computer specifications recommended by NC State University and Engineering Online.

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