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ECE 584 Electric Power Engineering Practicum II

3 Credit Hours

This Capstone course is the culminating course/event for all the other courses and content a student has undertaken to achieve the Masters in Electric Power Systems Engineering (EPSE) degree from North Carolina State University. It is the intent of this course that the student will bring to bear all the learnings and knowledge from the previous courses to show competence in the field of Power Systems Engineering. Specifically, students are expected to complete an industry project in a team format, demonstrating full mastery of the communications, project management and technical skills learned in previous and concurrent courses. In addition, the students will develop fully annotated project reports and PowerPoint presentations, and present these to their corporate sponsor and the NCSU EPSE faculty advisors. Throughout this course, we expect students to participate with their team members, sponsoring companies and faculty advisors, sharing their progress and insights, and helping one another.


Graduate Standing in MS-EPSE Program, ECE 583 Electric Power Engineering Practicum I.

Course Objectives

As a result of mastering the courses in the EPSE curriculum, the Capstone course/project will be used by the student to demonstrate the following:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to integrate learning from all EPSE courses.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to fully plan and implement a comprehensive project plan to a professional standard.
  3. Demonstrate a high level of communication, presentation, and writing skills.
  4. Conceptualize and develop a comprehensive project report worthy of presenting to a corporate management

Course Requirements

Grades are based on a final project report and presentation as well as monthly progress reports and meeting project management requirements.


There will be no specified text for this course, however students will be expected to utilize all assigned readings and all previous notes from the spring semester ECE 583 course.