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Dr. Khaled Harfoush

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ECE 573 Internet Protocols

3 Credit Hours

(also offered as CSC 573)

This course deals with the principles and issues underlying the provision of wide area connectivity through the interconnection of autonomous networks. Emphasis will be placed on Internet architecture and protocols as they are today and as they are likely to evolve in the future. Case studies of particular protocols will demonstrate how fundamental principles are applied in practice. They will also provide the opportunity to practice a critical skill: shifting through details for the key idea. The functional requirements of internetworking will be motivated by selected examples of networked client/server applications. The project will give you a firsthand experience in building networked applications and/or in analyzing and evaluating the performance of protocols and applications.


CSC/ECE 570 Computer Networks recommended but not required. Programming experience in C/C++ or Java or other such programming language is required.

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of the course you should be able to:

  1. demonstrate understanding of the fundamental problems, tradeoffs, and design issues that arise in internetworking, as well as identify and critically evaluate internet technologies, solution approaches, and design methodologies for future network architectures;
  2. understand the details of several particular protocols, as example implementations of fundamental principles, and digest descriptions of specific protocols, extracting the fundamental concepts;
  3. design and implement complex networked applications, protocols, and algorithms, and use the socket interface;
  4. apply basic concepts to new networking environments; and
  5. (optionally) engage in original research in the area of computer networks.

Course Outline

This course deals with the principles and issues underlying the provision of wide area connectivity through interconnection of autonomous networks. Internet architecture and protocols today and likely evolution in future. Case studies of particular protocols to demonstrate how fundamental principles applied in practice. Selected examples of networked client/server applications to motivate the functional requirements of Internet working. Project required. Some of the topics that will be investigated in class are:

  1. Overview of Network technologies
  2. Internet addressing, address resolution, and directory services
  3. The Internet Protocol (IP)
  4. Transport protocols
  5. Routing protocols
  6. Client-server paradigm and Sockets API
  7. Mobile IP
  8. Real-time services and protocols
  9. Security
  10. Integrated and differentiated services

Course Requirements

Five (5) Homework assignments

Two (2) Midterm exams

One (1) Project

One (1) Final Exam


None required.

Computer and Software Requirements

Please review minimum computer specifications recommended by NC State University and Engineering Online.


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