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Dr. Mesut Baran

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ECE 551 Smart Electric Power Distribution Systems

3 Credit Hours

Features and components of electric power distribution systems, power flow, short circuit and reliability analysis, basic control and protection, communications and SCADA, new "smart" functionality such as integrated volt/var control, automated fault location isolation and restoration, demand response and advanced metering infrastructure, integration of distributed generation and energy storage.


Coursework including these topics:

  1. Single-phase and three-phase real and reactive power calculation
  2. AC steady-state phasor analysis of single-phase and balanced three-phase circuits
  3. Single-phase and three-phase transformer modeling, voltage drop and power loss calculation
  4. Three-phase transmission line modeling, voltage drop and line loss calculation
  5. Creation of one-line power system model
  6. Use of Per-Unit system and associated calculations
  7. System bus admittance (Ybus) and bus impedance (Zbus) matrix modeling and calculation
  8. Power flow analysis
  9. Symmetrical components for unbalanced transmission short-circuit analysis

Course Objectives

  • Have a working knowledge of distribution system components and system topologies.
  • Perform a power flow and short circuit analysis on a distribution circuit.
  • Understand basic concepts of distribution voltage control and protection.
  • Perform an analysis of system reliability and power quality.
  • Understand options for device communications and remote control.
  • Have a working knowledge of advanced volt/var control and automatic restoration schemes.
  • Understand impact of new smart grid technologies such as advanced metering and demand response.
  • Analyze impact of distributed renewable generation and energy storage.

Course Outline

  • Distribution System Fundamentals
  • Load Characteristics
  • Transformers – Single Phase & Three-Phase
  • Substations & Primary Feeders
  • Overhead Lines & Modeling
  • Underground Distribution & Modeling
  • Voltage Regulation, Approximate Voltage Drop Analysis
  • Power Flow Analysis
  • Capacitor Applications
  • Faults/Short-Circuit Analysis
  • Short-Circuit Protection Operation
  • Reliability Analysis
  • Power Quality
  • Distribution Management Systems
  • Integrated Volt/Var Control
  • Automated Fault Location, Isolation and Service Restoration
  • Load Modeling and Demand Response
  • Distributed Energy Resources & Microgrids

Course Requirements

Grades will be based on:

A multi-part semester project
Mid-term exam
Final exam


  • Tom Short, Electric Power Distribution Handbook, CRC Press, 2nd Edition, 2014, eBook.
  • William H. Kersting, Distribution System Modeling and Analysis, CRC Press, 2017, eBook.
  • Richard E. Brown, Electric Power Distribution Reliability, CRC Press, 2nd Edition, 2009, eBook.
  • John D. McDonald (Editor), Electric Power Substations Engineering, CRC Press, 3rd Edition, eBook.



Computer and Software Requirements

Please review minimum computer specifications recommended by NC State University and Engineering Online.

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