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ECE 451 Power System Analysis

3 Credit Hours

Long-distance transmission of electric power with emphasis on load flow, economic dispatch, fault calculations and system stability. Applications of digital computers to power-system problems. Major design project.

Course Overview

The course will help students understand how power systems are modeled both at the distribution and transmission levels. The course covers long-distance transmission of electric power with emphasis on admittance and impedance modeling of components and system, power-flow studies and calculations, symmetrical and unsymmetrical fault calculations, economic operation of large-scale generation and transmission systems. Emphasis is on applications of computer-based methods to power-system problems.


ECE 305 Principles of Electromechanical Energy or equivalent coverage of the following prerequisite topics:

  1. Steady-state analysis of single-phase and three-phase circuits
  2. Elements of transient analysis and rudimentary electromagnetic field theory
  3. Principles of electric machines, transformers, and transmission lines
  4. Per-unit system and representations
  5. Please also review ECE 301 (Linear Systems) for definition of a vector, a matrix, matrix sum and products, determinants, matrix inverse

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Build basic understandings on modern power system operation and protection
  • Master basic modeling techniques for power system analysis
  • Modeling of power system apparatus (transformers, motors, transmission lines)
  • Single and three phase systems
  • Power flow analysis
  • Bus admittance matrix
  • Power flow solution
  • symmetrical and unsymmetrical fault calculations
  • Economic Dispatch


Matlab and Power World will be the main computational tool for both the homework and the project. Each student may also be required to use a general-purpose analysis computer program for either power flow or fault analysis and design of a representative electric-power transmission network.


Grainger, John J. and William D. Stevenson. Power system analysis. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1994. (Required)

Hadi Saadat. Power System Analysis, third edition.  PSA publishing. (Optional)