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CSC 565 Graph Theory

3 Credit Hours

Basic concepts of graph theory. Trees and forests. Vector spaces associated with a graph. Representation of graphs by binary matrices and list structures. Traversability. Connectivity. Matchings and assignment problems. Planar graphs. Colorability. Directed graphs. Applications of graph theory with an emphasis on organizing problems in a form suitable for computer solutions.


Discrete Mathematics (NC State CSC 226) OR Introduction to Discrete Mathematical Models (NC State MA 351)

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Use the vocabulary of graph theory to describe a range of natural problems.
  2. Model newly encountered questions as graphs problems.
  3. Identify the differences between the combinatorial, geometric, topological, computational, and algebraic aspects of graph theory in general as well as in specific graph questions.

Grade Components

Homework/Online quizzes 65%
Take-home Midterm 15%
Take-home Final 20%



Graph Theory, 5th Ed by Reinhard Diestel; Web Link:


Updated 11/08/2022