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CHE 568 Nanomanufacturing Techniques and Applications in Nanosystems

3 Credit Hours

This course studies the conventional and emerging nano-manufacturing techniques and their applications in the fabrication of various structures and devices. The first part of the course reviews various micro and nano manufacturing techniques for patterning, deposition, and etching of thin films including emerging techniques such as an imprint and soft lithography and other unconventional techniques. After the review of the manufacturing techniques, basic electronic and mechanical properties of thin films and nanostructures and their applications in nano-electronics, MEMS/NEMS devices, sensing, and energy harvesting will be discussed. The current state-of-the-art CMOS technology platform and system integration including flexible electronics are discussed. Credit for both ECE/CHE 468 and ECE/CHE 568 is not allowed.


Students should have a basic understanding of semiconductor physics and Si CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) Processing.

Microelectronics (NC State ECE 302) or Intro to Nanoscience and Technology (NC State ECE304 or equivalent.

Graduate Standing or Permission of the Instructor

Also offered as ECE 568

Course Objectives

By end of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Describe fundamental principles of conventional and emerging micro- and nano-fabrication processes.
  2. Compare/contrast the difference in process conditions on rigid substrate or flexible substrate.
  3. Understand basic solid state physics of devices and describe the current state-of-the-art Silicon processing
  4. Identify and explain applications of micro- and nano-structures including future logic and memory devices, energy harvesting, sensors, MEMS, and bio-electronics.

Course Requirements

Homework (weekly) 20%
Quiz 10%
Exams (two) 20%
Projects/Papers 30%
Participation 20%


None assigned. Reading materials and reference books will be provided on ECE/CHE 468/568 Moodle webpage.

Computer and Software Requirements

Please review minimum computer specifications recommended by NC State University and Engineering Online.

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