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CE 741 Geomechanics of Stress Deformation

3 Credit Hours

Concepts of volume change and effective stress, stress-strain behavior of clays and sands, stress path and failure conidtions; mechanistic interaction between solids and water, problems in elasticity and plasticity pertaining to stress distribution, elstic, consolidation and secondary settlements, and tolerance limits to deformation levels.


Undergraduate course in soil mechanics.

Course Objectives

The main objective of CE 741 is to introduce the subjects of stresses and deformation of soil media, theories of soil mechanics, and problems in elasticity and plasticity pertaining to earthwork. In this course, students will learn the following:

  • Fundamental Concepts of Effective Stress
  • Stress Distribution in Continuous Media accounting for heterogeneity
  • Elastic Displacements
  • Deformation analysis of non-homogenous media
  • Time-Dependent Settlement and Creep

Course Requirements

Mid Term Exam 35%
Final Exam 40%
Home Work 10%
Paper Review and presentation 05%
Class Project 10%


  1. CE 741 Lecture Notes, These will be available on line for download.Other texts that might be helpful to consult are:
  2. T. W. Lambe and R. V. Whitman (1969) Soil Mechanics, John Wiley &Sons, New York.
  3. J. K. Mitchell (1993) Fundamentals of Soil Behavior, John Wiley &Sons, New York., R. N.
  4. Young and B. P. Warkentin (1966) Introduction to Soil Behavior, Macmillan, New York.
  5. R. D. Holtz,and W. D. Kovacs An Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

Computer and Internet Requirements

Knowledge of Excel, MathCad, or other computing software. It is highly recommended that you have a digital scanner with a resolution of at least 300 dpi to scan homework assignments done on paper and submit them. All assignments must be submitted electronically. All online students must have access to a computer with a high-speed internet connection.