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CE 708 Transportation Logistics Planning and Optimization

3 Credit Hours

Description of the mathematical and analytical treatment of transportation logistics from the perspective of infrastructure providers and system operators, including models used by freight service providers to determine how they will meet the demands for freight service. Private and common carrier operations are covered. Rail, truck, and air are the primary modes examined.


Students need to have successfully completed: 1) an introductory course in transportation, 2) courses in calculus through partial differential equations, and 3) at least one course in which optimization and math programming have been covered. Students also ought to have an understanding of how transportation fits into the broader context of economic activity.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explain the origins of freight demand, the reasons why the demand varies, and the nature of the marketplace in which that demand is met by freight supply.
  • Explain how models of freight services should be developed and the implications of alternate formulations.
  • Formulate mathematical programming optimization models that can be used to determine the nature of the service that should be provided to meet the freight demands.
  • Calculate the costs of a service as well as the resource requirements.
  • Design freight services that meet the demands of freight shippers, individually and collectively. Students will be able to describe and discuss transportation logistics in terms of demand and supply, manufacturing, production, and distribution; both from the perspective of a manufacturing enterprise and a carrier.

Course Requirements

Student submissions will include a first exam (20%), a final exam (30%), a paper (30%), and homework assignments (20%).


The textbook for the course will be Supply Chain Engineering, by Goetschalckx. Amazon lists it for $92.77. Other readings will be from on-line sources.