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CE 707 Transportation Policy and Funding

3 Credit Hours

This class focuses on understanding the important transportation policy issues in the U.S such as planning the future of the multi-modal transportation system and raising and allocating funds for its construction, operation, and maintenance. Highway, public transit, rail, air, and other modes.


The prerequisite is CE 501 Transportation Systems Engineering or graduate standing in a program related to transportation. Students without a moderate background in the history and politics of the U.S. transportation system may struggle with some aspects of the course.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, students will be able to discuss the major viewpoints of a number of the key current policy issues in transportation in the U.S. The most important of these issues will be 1) how to raise and allocate funds for building and maintaining the system and 2) how to organize private and public entities to work within the transportation industry. Students will learn about key current policy issues in highway, public transit, rail, and possibly other modes of transportation. A secondary objective of the course is to make sure that students understand the current transportation policy structure in the U.S. and how it evolved.

Course Requirements

Evaluation Activity % of Course Grade
First Exam 20
Second Exam 30
Paper 30
Homework 20


Students are asked but not required to buy a copy of Garrison, W.L., and D.M. Levinson, The Transportation Experience: Policy, Planning, and Deployment, Oxford University Press, October 13, 2005. Other assigned reading will be from on-line sources.).