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Dr. Edward Jaselskis

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CE 592 603 Global Construction Practices

3 Credit Hours

This course includes a series of guest lectures, student presentations on construction practices found in their respective countries, and a collaborative term project. Guest speakers include industry practitioners and academics speaking on topics such as global construction challenges, procurement issues, legal aspects, international finance and public private partnerships, leadership, industry best practices, and lean construction techniques.


Graduate standing.

Course Background

Construction is truly a global business. It is common to find that design is simultaneously performed in different countries (24/7 design); material is procured from sources around the globe; and construction is performed by a workforce that is multicultural, multilingual, and multinational. Because of these characteristics those involved with this profession need to embrace this reality and become more aware of the various design and construction practices found throughout the world. This course provides students with such a global awareness by revealing construction practices and innovations found in different countries—both developed and emerging.

Course Objectives

  • Describe the differences and challenges of constructing projects in other countries
  • Apply principles of contracting and legal issues in a global setting
  • Debate various techniques for financing international projects such as through public private partnerships
  • Collaborate on a multinational team to solve a construction problem

Course Requirements

Reading Assignments

Examinations – Final – 20%


  • Homework – 15%
  • Construction Practices Around the Word – 25%
  • International Construction Term Project – 25%
  • Independent Report – 15%

Software Requirements:

  • Access to a computer with MS Word and Excel.


The primary text book for this class is Global Engineering and Construction, by Dr. J. K. Yates, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2007. ISBN: 471743828. Other readings are included in eReserves and will not need to be purchased.


Revised: 10/17/2019