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CE 584 Hydraulics of Ground Water

3 Credit Hours

Introduction to ground water hydraulics and hydrology. Hydrologic cycle, basic ground water hydraulics, aquifer hydrology, flow to Wells and theory, flow net development, ground water contamination modeling, numerical solution of governing equations.


Undergraduate course in hydraulics that emphasizes fluid properties; mass, energy and momentum; flow in pipes and open channels; in addition, undergraduate course in soils that define physical and engineering properties of particulate matter and flow through porous media.

Course Objectives

Specific course objectives include exposing students to the following:

  • Engineering aspects of seepage phenomena
  • Types of seepage-related problems and their control
  • Theoretical and practical methods for seepage, groundwater analysis and control
  • Groundwater Wells
  • Groundwater flow and associated contaminant migration through soils
  • Criteria for groundwater and seepage models

Computer methods for groundwater and seepage analysis for dams and landfills

Course Requirements

HOMEWORK: Homework problems will be assigned on regular basis. A due date will be specified with each assignment. The submission of all assigned homework is required for a credit in this course.

EXAMINATIONS: Midterm exam and final exam.

SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: Visual Modflow will be used in a project and available in the VCL system. A student copy is included with the course text book although it has a limited capability

PROJECTS: Throughout the course there will be a number of subjects which we will study and discuss for their contribution to the area of groundwater and Seepage. Each student will select a technical paper on the subject, review the paper, and write a summary review providing pertinent background information such as who are the authors, what is the topic of the paper, methodology, and what are the significant findings, trends, and drawbacks, if any. In addition, a small project will be assigned mainly to teach student the use of Modflow. The project will be related to modeling groundwater head distribution within a flow domain with source/sink and various boundary conditions

Required Textbook

Fetter, C.W. Applied Hydrogeology, Prentice Hall, IBSN: 0-130-88239-9


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