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Dr. Edward Jaselskis

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CE 564 Legal Aspects of Contracting

3 Credit Hours

Legal aspects of contract documents, drawings and specifications; owner-engineer-constructor relationships and responsibilities; bids and contract performance; labor laws; governmental administrative and regulatory agencies; torts; business organizations; ethics and professionalism.


Undergraduate degree in engineering and courses in related field or consent of instructor.

Course Requirements

Homework (15%)
The student will complete homework assignments from the text chapters and are intended to help guide the student through the required reading. There are approximately 20 homework assignments.

Term Project (15%)
Each student will submit one term project assignment which will allow student to use various contract documents during the construction process.

Term Paper (10%)
Each student is required to submit one term paper which is based on a relevant construction legal case.

Tests (60%)
The student will complete three exams. Each exam will be 20% for a total of 60% of the final course grade. All tests are closed book and closed notes. Academic honesty and integrity must be maintained per the applicable Student Body Code of Conduct.

Course Outline

The purpose of this course is to provide a practical introduction to the legal topics and issues related to the construction process. This course will address the theories, principles, and established rules that regulate the construction industry. The following topics will be addressed:

  • Legal Context of Construction
  • Contracting Methods
  • Pre-proposal and Performance Considerations
  • Preparing and Interpreting Contracts
  • Building Codes and Design Officials
  • Subcontractor Relationships
  • Contract Changes
  • Inspection, Acceptance, Warranties, and Commissioning
  • Risk Management, Dispute Avoidance, and Dispute Resolution
  • Bonds – Bid, Payment, and Performance
  • Environmental and Safety Concerns
  • Construction Insurance
  • Labor and Employment Issues
  • Ethics and Professionalism


Smith, Currie & Hancock’s Common Sense Construction Law: A Practical Guide for the Construction Professional, 5th Edition, 2015, ISBN:978-1118858103.

Computer and Software Requirements

Please review minimum computer specifications recommended by NC State University and Engineering Online.

Approved: 10/31/2022