Dr. Min Liu

Dr. Min Liu

Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

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CE 562 Lean Construction Concepts and Methods

3 Credit Hours

Student teams apply concepts and methods in field studies of real project management processes and construction operations by using principles and methods in Lean Production, Construction, Design, Assembly, Supply, Production Control, and Work Process Design.


CE 463 Construction Estimating, Planning, and Control

Course Objectives

This course is intended for students to:

  1. Describe the history and evolution of Lean Production paradigms.
  2. Describe and apply the principles of Lean Construction.
  3. Use lean-based productivity improvement techniques to study and improve construction operations including Linear Scheduling and Value Stream Mapping in Construction.
  4. Learn and apply the Last Plannerä system for production planning and control

Course Requirements



No Textbook required. Reading materials will be posted on Moodle.