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Dr. Jason Patrick

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CE 525 Structural Analysis II

3 Credit Hours

Analysis of beam, 2D and 3D truss, 2D and 3D frame and plane strain structures using the matrix displacement method. Introduction to the finite element method of analysis by deriving the element stiffness matrices using Virtual Work. Beam and frame elements include shearing deformation and geometric stiffness effects. Computer implementation of analysis procedures using MATLAB and commercial structural analysis software. Modeling issues including convergence, symmetry and antisymmetry. Introduction to structural dynamics. Credit not given for both CE 425 and CE 525.


C- or better in Structural Analysis I (CE 325 at NC State University)

Course Objectives

  • Apply the Matrix Displacement Method (MDM) to multi-dimensional structures
  • Computer programming (e.g. MATLAB) to implement the MDM numerically
  • Use SAP2000 commercial software proficiently, knowledgeably and efficiently
  • Verify the correctness of solutions for problems solved by hand, coding, or SAP2000
  • Read technical literature with understanding and confidence

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to do the following:

  • Derive element stiffness matrices for trusses, beams, and frames using fundamental mechanics principles and virtual work (VW).
  • Model and analyze 1D uniaxial, beam and 2D/3D trusses, grids, and frames by hand and using MATLAB and SAP2000.
  • Construct axial (A), shear (V) & bending moment (M) diagrams to calculate corresponding stresses.
  • Develop modeling/analysis techniques to deal with special structures, e.g. non-prismatic members.
  • Develop modeling/analysis techniques to handle different types of loads, e.g. temperature changes.
  • Formulate and implement nonlinear analysis procedures.

Course Grading

Homework 25%
Exams (2) 40%
Final Project 35%


Recommended: Matrix Analysis of Structures, 2nd Edition, Kassimali, 2011, ISBN: 1111426201 (~$150.00)


Mechanics of Materials, 6th Edition, Gere, 2004,     ISBN: 0534417930

Matrix Structural Analysis, 2nd Edition, McGuire-Gallagher-Ziemian, 2000, ISBN: 0471129186

Computer and Software Requirements


MATLAB is available in all Unity Computer Labs. It is also available to download at no charge for students with valid NCSU credentials via the following link:

SAP2000, version 20.0. A student edition of SAP2000 can be legally downloaded:                           

If you have a prior version, uninstall it and download version 20.0.

Both MATLAB and SAP2000 are available through the Virtual Computing Laboratory (VCL)


Please review minimum computer specifications recommended by NC State University and Engineering Online.


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