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CE 504 Airport Planning and Design

3 Credit Hours

Analysis, planning and design of air transportation facilities.


CE 305 Traffic Engineering or equivalent.

Course Objectives

Students will become familiar with airport planning and design issues. During the course they will develop an understanding of professional skills relating to airport planning and design to the point of being able to complete site investigation, selection and preliminary design for a small general aviation airport and understand its relationship to local economic development.

Course Requirements

Student submissions will be according to the list below. The total points are 120, not 100. The resulting total points earned will be normalized to 100 for purposes of assigning grades.

  1. 40 points – grade earned on student project including team and individual efforts and peer review;
  2. 40 points – grades earned on mid-term and final examinations during the semester (20 points each each);
  3. 10 points – grades earned on two homework exercises during the semester; and
  4. 20 points – term paper
  5. 10 points – class participation

Each of the examinations will focus principally on material from the preceding exam.


A hard copy of FAA Advisory Circular 150/5300-13A, Airport Design, is the primary reference for this class.  Each student will be provided a copy by the instructors.  FAA Advisory Circulars, some of which may be useful as references for this course, are available on the FAA website at

Class notes will be available on-line.


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